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We are dedicated to connecting the LGBTQI, Gender Diverse, Non-monogamous, Alternative Sexualities, and BDSM/Kink communities to mental health services in Portland, OR.

SMPD History

The Sexual Minority Provider Directory (SMPD) began in the year 2000 as an informal response to the growing need for clinicians who were well-informed and compassionate to diverse expressions of sexuality and gender. At that time it was extremely difficult for sexual minorities to find a mental health provider that did not pathologize sexuality and/or gender expression. SMPD historically kept a primary focus on serving the lesbian and gay community. Things have changed!

Portland has grown substantially in the last 35 years. There now exists a wide and active LGBTQI and sex positive community. There is also a growing number of LGBTQI, kink, and non-monogamy affirming therapists. It can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to find the right therapist. SMPD has expanded it’s focus with the times and is here to help. In 2017 we have been doing backend work to update the site and make it more useful for providers and those seeking therapy to connect. Keep an eye out for more changes to come!

All SMPD directory participants share in the vision of providing affirmative and supportive therapy for these communities clients in Portland.

SMPA does not certify the information contained in this directory beyond confirming licensure status of each individual provider at time of listing. Potential clients are encouraged to ask questions of directory providers regarding their credentials, professional experience, fees, and philosophy of practice, in order to decide which providers best serve their needs.