Colette Gordon, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern (they pronouns)


I believe we feel better when we feel connected. I believe connection comes from being
seen, heard, and understood in our relationships. So many of us are struggling and
suffering due to ongoing disconnection, which is often rooted in systemic oppression.

As a counselor, I love helping to make room for the tender and heavy things that people
carry in this world. I know there is power in talking about how social, political, economic,
cultural, and historical forces affect our lives. I love working to create therapeutic
relationships where people are deeply seen, understood, and affirmed. And I believe
that a good counseling fit can expand possibilities for change in our lives.

I am especially drawn to therapeutic work that is focused on trauma and harm,
internalized oppression, gender, sexuality, relationships, shame, family of origin, and
supporting resistance and resilience. I am committed to working in my communities:
with queer folks, trans folks, and activists. If any of this resonates with you, let’s talk.

Location: 1520 N Alberta St, Portland, OR 97217
Phone: 503-780- 4169