David Hanna, LPC


Are you and your partner stuck in the same patterns that aren’t working? Are you struggling to feel valued by your friends or family? Do you keep trying to get along but nothing is changing? Our relationships with our romantic partners, friends, family and colleagues are what matter most in our lives. Living well in this world involves being skillful in the moment-to-moment interactions with these significant people. I offer an inclusive, non-judgmental environment with a focus on building healthy/quality relationships while working towards greater empowerment and a more purposeful life. I serve men, couples, blended families, gender non-conforming individuals, and those of any sexual orientation. I am truly honored and humbled by the work that I get to witness in my office, as well as hearing about the effects when that work spreads into daily life.

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

Location: 2006 SE Ankeny Street (On the corner of SE 20th Avenue)
Phone: 971.303.3004
Email: david@davidhannacounseling.com
Website: www.davidhannacounseling.com