Jamie Baldwin, MA, LPC


The relationship we have to ourselves, as well as others, is fundamental to our lives. When we explore these relationships therapeutically, there is the potential to experience a greater sense of well-being. Whatever brings someone into therapy can be seen as a sign that there is a need to grow and change in ways that are more fulfilling to a person. The focus of my work includes addressing issues of anxiety, depression, relationships, and those forces which oppress one’s personal sense of well-being.  I am a gay man in private practice since 1997, specializing in working with the GLBT community.My approach includes a blend of contemporary psychodynamic psychotherapies, working with individuals, couples, and groups.

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Portland, OR 97210

Life is filled with many challenges. These challenges often present blockages to our emotional and psychological well-being.  Psychotherapy can facilitate greater understandings of these difficulties, as well as support the process of meaningful change in one’s life.

My work is based on the premise that personal growth is a lifelong process, which is enhanced by the exploration of one’s current experiences. Often, we find that there are habits and patterns that govern, and often limit, our capacities to experience our lives in a more fulfilling way. Through therapeutic inquiry, these habits and patterns have the potential to be more clearly understood. This often results in a transformation of limiting forces in our lives.

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