Kirk Shepard, LPC, CDWF


Therapy is a collaborative process that supports people to engage more deeply with their lives. It is in the context of relationship that we are wounded and it also through relationship that we realize our potential for growth. Embracing an integrative approach to therapy, I utilize tools from psychodynamic, gestalt, and interpersonal attachment theories of counseling. I also rely on elements from expressive art therapy, ecotherapy, and cognitive behavioral interventions. I believe our feelings and behaviors are often powerfully driven by unconscious motives. I maintain a strong focus on the dynamics of the client-therapist relationship, while supporting clients to investigate their own deeper meaning. This process allows for an unfolding of self-discovery. I see clients in the context of their environment and consider how larger social, political, and economic forces influence their development. Through staying mindful in the present moment, and being open and accepting, I support clients in experiencing their full range of emotions while assisting them to gain insight and self-awareness.

  • Bi, Gay, & Trans, Male Identity Development
  • Navigating Non-Monogamy
  • Sex expression and Intimacy
  • Blocks in creativity
  • Work related stress

Location: 909 N. Beech #208, Portland, OR 97227
Phone:  503-498-8102