Megan Wyckoff, MSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker


I am a therapist located close-in Southeast Portland. I work with people ages 18 and up primarily in queer communities, gender non-conforming people and those within alternative sexuality/relationship dynamics. I work with individuals and couples/those in relationship. Through compassionate therapy, I assist you achieve healthy personal growth and overcome unwanted habits, patterns and learned ways of being that may not be serving you or your relationship well. Sometimes these patterns come from past hurt, trauma or difficult events that affect how you feel about yourself and how you perceive others. Often, but not always, people experience feelings of anger, guilt or shame that may result in depression and anxiety due to oppression, identity issues, family of origin or other life experiences. I can work with you to ease these feelings, learn new ways to move forward and embrace the joy that we all deserve in our lives. I have worked with many people towards a different gender presentation, both on the binary and not, as well as de-transition or embracing fluidity. I am training in EMDR to assist with trauma and EFT for relationship work.

Location: 1832 NE Broadway, Portland OR 97232
Phone: 971-208-5701