Michael Kubetz, MS, MFT, NCC


In my practice I provide relationship focused therapy for adult couples and individuals.   It is my passion to support clients as they unfold, progress and discover new insights.  I believe the therapeutic process can help increase awareness and lead to healthier choices creating a greater sense of freedom and stability in our lives.Within my practice I create a non- threatening atmosphere of trust and safety for all people. This environment provides a solid foundation for our therapeutic relationship to develop and prosper.

I work with clients collaboratively, exploring their mental and emotional realms choosing from a variety of therapeutic techniques in combination with my deep sense of intuition. In employing the technical with the personal, we explore self-defeating thought and behavior patterns along with their origins.

As a gay man in the second half of my life, I have a personal understanding of some of the challenges and victories GLB individuals have experienced. Some classic areas of exploration often include the coming out process, isolation within the larger culture, ageism, transitioning from youngster to mentor, power and control issues, death and dying and the subsequent grieving process.

As a relationship counselor I pull from a variety of methods to support and assist couples to gently identify their core challenges and explore new solutions.  Through this process my clients have experienced increased communication and respect for themselves and their partners.

I offer reasonable rates and my office is conveniently located in NE Portland with plenty of free parking.  Please call for a free 30-minute consultation.

Location: 2100 NE Broadway, Suites 319A & 323, Portland, OR 97211
Phone: 503-241-4880
Email:     michaelkubetz@yahoo.com